Just Breathe

Integrated Spiri​tual Practice

Personalized Intuitive Readings 

    with the benefits of aromatherapy, meditation and mindfulness 

quiet time full of fragrance and insight

Create your own unique experience

Virtual readings available

30​ minute session   $35

1 hour session         $55

90 minute session  $75


 Sign up on contact page or 

email [email protected]

Hours: Sunday through Wednesday 10 am to 7 pm

   COVID safety in place: staff is vaccinated,

 masks worn inside, optional outside.


Looking for some summer fun for you and your friends?

Enjoy special time together, sip cool refreshments in the garden 

while sharing the insights of  your own personalized intuitive reading.

morning, afternoon, and evening times available


Choose one service or combine the benefits of an intuitive reading, aromatherapy and meditation

intuitive reading

Whether for life focus or just fun, intuitive readings can give you clarity. Guidance is aided with Celtic Runes, Animal Medicine cards,

 and the Kuan Yin Oracle Deck.  


Scents are powerful and personal. 

Choose your favorite scents or explore different kinds and find out what they can do for you. Have fun learning about aromatherapy.

meditation and mindfulness

Take a little time for yourself.

Experience one-on-one guided meditation or mindfulness walking in the beautiful garden.

 Enjoy alone  or shared  with friends.

 It's a perfect way to take a break 

Relax, unwind and renew.

Quiet Insight in Changing Times

It is not outside us, it is all within

Meister Eckhart


Center for the Healing Arts 

19343 Sonoma Highway

Sonoma CA 95476



      Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday  10 to 7 


Give the gift of quiet time full of fragrance and insight

order gift certificates on contact page or email  [email protected]